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Matt Smith’s fondest Holiday Memories

Whilst browsing the BBC America Shop (We were searching for a Silence mug. We can’t remember where we put ours. This is not a joke. For real.) we came across these three extremely short videos of Matt talking about his fondest holiday memories.

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A young autistic boy has found his outlet in making science videos. Jordan Hilkowitz was diagnosed with autism when he was just 18 months old, he didn’t begin to speak until he was 5. His mother Stacey remembers the heartbreak she experienced as she watched her young son bang his head against the wall out of frustration at not being able to communicate.
It was his babysitter’s idea for Jordan to start making science videos. He’d always had an interest in science, and she felt that this could be an outlet for him to communicate to a larger audience. Larger indeed! Jordan’s channel, Doctor Mad Science, has received over 2.4 million views to date – and he’s become a local celebrity for his scientific knowhow.

(Source: blogs.scientificamerican.com)

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imaclurg: How to Embed a New Facebook "Like" Button on Tumblr →

Facebook recently, as in a couple of hours ago, released a bit of handy functionality that allows you to install a “Like” button on any webpage. Obviously, this has some pretty cool web traffic implications considering that it acts just like a Like button on Facebook (even looks the same). Anyhow,…

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This is really cool. Seeing our shoes in print is a super awesome thing and we are so thankful to both the Walker Art Center & Vita.mn for their support. 


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Don’t worry! We’re not dead!


We shut down the blog during our (fairly harrowing) apartment hunt because we didn’t want our families hopping on a flight to LAX to kidnap us and bring us back to NYC.

Now that we found our (PERFECT!) LA home in the heart of Koreatown (OMG SO MUCH KARAOKE), we can laugh about our adventures navigating through places we nicknamed “Pee Pee City,” “Homeless City” and “Carpet Stain City.”

Luckily, some friends on Camellia Street let us crash at their place so we weren’t homeless.


Much to Jim’s pleasure, the Camellia crew was dog-sitting an adorable, obese Chihuahua named Tiki. She’s 10000 years old, doped up on meds and rather rotund. Bless her little (overworked) heart.

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Experimental video game combines a first-person 3D environment to navigate a character in a 2D platformer. Video and info below:

Perspective is an experimental platformer. The player avatar moves in a 2D space that transforms when the player changes perspective in 3D space. The player needs to use this mechanic navigate the 2D avatar to a goal in order to progress from level to level. 

More about the project can be found here

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